Kind to the world

We work really hard to make the best decisions we can, to be as ethical and sustainable as possible.

These include:

- Our selection of materials: we have chosen a fabulous blend of bamboo and organic cotton for our outfits. Our buttons are made from coconut wood. Find out more about our fabric decision here.

- Our clothes are designed in the UK and we work with small businesses wherever possible. For manufacturing, we work with a carefully chosen factory in India, with a clear focus on ethical practices and charitable work.   

- Your order will be sent to you in a biodegradable mailing bag, wrapped in tissue paper which is sourced from certified Forest Stewardship Council forests, on acid free paper, and printed with soy ink. Our gift wrap is made from 100% recycled paper, which hasn't been bleached. It's printed with vegetable dye inks and is compostable.

- We never include printed order information in your parcel, to save the paper. Order details will be emailed to you instead. This has the added bonus of meaning that you can easily send it as a gift

 - We run a recycling scheme, Gifted with Love, aimed at encouraging the re-use of clothes. We'll give you a 10% discount on your next purchase for any Bibevie clothing donations you send back to us, and we'll donate those clothes to a baby bank. 


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