Small Business Saturday

We are so proud to have been selected as one of 100 inspirational small businesses to be featured as part of the Small Business Saturday campaign, alongside many other fabulous small businesses. 
As part of the campaign, each #SmallBiz100 gets a day in the spotlight, and our day is this Saturday, 18th September.
To celebrate, we are donating a percentage of our profits taken on the day to Little Village HQ, an amazing charity who do brilliant work to support families with children under 5 in need.
We are also giving away a free bib with every order containing at least one pair of dungarees and one bib. You'll be able to select your choice of free bib at the checkout once you have at least one pair of dungarees and one bib in your basket.
It's a fabulous opportunity to support a small business, a charity, and to get an extra bib with your order! 

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A full press release can be found here.